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choosing how to feel

I am challenged to slow down my rapid-busy-bee pace once I’m deep in the hustle and bustle of my day. I work hard to recognize when I need to pause and take care of myself. After being in constant movement of the body and the mind all day I feel super charged and exhausted at […]

We make it a wonderful life…

“Imagine if we all gave to ourselves the things we want for those we love…” Kaitlin Quistgaard, Yoga Journal Oct 2010. When we’re feeling unsettled or unhappy we can practice recalling a moment that we felt at peace and joyful. Let this memory replenish the feeling you take delight in and let it be your […]

i’m stretching out in all new direction

i’m stretching out in all new directions from new depths into the whole world! T.T.S. = Time To Shine

working hard is just that : HARD

“My own development” “I truly respect” “My greatest accomplishment” “my daughters”