Posts from — January 2012

Yoga for Special Needs….this is really good

WRITTEN BY : DAWN GREENFIELD I love to teach yoga to everyone , my vision is ever expanding and always inclusive of any level of physical ability, all ages and stages. A regular yoga practice can maintain the connection to the inherent happiness, wealth and health within each person I meet. Yoga Born began as […]

Welcome to Yoga…

GUEST BLOG BY : Sharon Shanti Danio Sharon is an awesome yoga teacher and guide to the students that attend her classes and programs. Sharon is an inspiration to many as she lives her life authentically respecting herself and sharing yoga with the Yoga Born Studios spectacular yoga students. We are honored to have such […]

The New Year is Here…Now What?

The start of the New Year is the best time to turn your attention to your own practices. Are you wondering: “What does this mean?” Let me re-cap before I answer that question: As 2011 ended I recognized the vital role Yoga and Mindfulness have played in my year. Continuously giving to others brings me […]