Posts from — February 2012

Hey sugar don’t be blu (part 1)

Guest Blog by : Maria B. Mayer – Health Coach Have you ever tried to change your diet away from the Standard American Diet? Have you ever looked around and seen people eating highly processed foods with a high levels of fat, sugar and sodium and decided this is not the fuel my body really […]

Resist the guilt & wilt you’ve been living

Do you take care of everyone else but not yourself?  If you’ve felt selfish coming to a yoga class you’re not alone! Many come to the yoga practice after they’ve given so much to everyone in their lives they have very little left to give to themselves. They report to us their energy is very […]

Who’s Valentine will you be?

What you need today isn’t what you need yesterday. Would you agree? We can always benefit from getting quiet, but where do you find the space in our home? We need to collect ourselves without distractions of what ‘has to be done’ but where do we find time for that? If this sounds like something […]