Posts from — March 2012

Got scoliosis? Take a stand for your spine with yoga

Yoga offers a lifetime of rewards for students especially those with scoliosis. Take a stand for your spine by strengthening your foundation. Strong legs creates a solid base from which the spine can stretch and become freer. Standing poses enable your legs, rather than your spine, to carry the weight of the body. Stand with […]

Simple ways to enhance your brain

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Which inspires me to ask you to take a moment to move all your toes up and down several times. Wiggling your toes activates nerves that stimulate your brain and internal organs. Try this first thing in your morning or after sitting for an extended period of time. It […]

Hey sugar don’t be blu (part 2)

It is important to listen to your body – hear what it is telling you about the nourishment it needs. Like in Yoga or any type of exercise, we must honor our body and listen to the messages we receive, eating healthy foods works much the same way – pay attention to how you feel […]