Posts from — June 2012

More yoga and less bullying

Throughout life I’ve crossed paths with bullies of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. As a young girl on the school bus I would stand up for the any individual being treated abusively. It just never felt right to me to sit still while my ‘neighbor’ was being mistreated. Perhaps because I grew […]

Daredevil practices balance

Dreams come true for a daredevil practicing balances poses and you too!   My family sat and watched Wallenda a daredevil from a long line of artists mastering their balancing craft has he began his walk across Niagara Falls. A daredevil feat he thought of when he was six years old. It took two years […]

Positive community

Do you hear folks around you ranting about the latest personal injustice? They always have something that is going wrong in their life and they are leaving you feeling slimed by their negativity? Would you like to stay your own course and feel stronger to not get pulled in? We are open each day to […]