Posts from — August 2012

yoga burns calories

I want you to feel encouraged in yoga class and in life to know your true powerto live your life fully with JOY! Many students at Yoga Born have been noticing within a few months of yoga their bodies are more tone. Along with the relaxation of yoga you’re also burning calories! This is great […]

Beginners Yoga for the Beginner

We specialize in taking the intimidation out of yoga for Beginners with a welcoming facility within a family run business. South Windsor CT 3 minutes from the Promenades of Evergreen Walk in the Stop and Shop Plaza Founded by Dawn Greenfield is offering a Beginners Yoga 7 week series for the Beginners in the […]

Yoga for Golfers

I work a lot not just with in the studio but I take it to the street for Custom Corporate Yoga Classes and In Home Personalized Yoga Programs even to the woods at the Channel 3 Kids Camp. Many hours of driving and computer work have recently tweaked my back. I visited our family chiropractor […]