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Success for South Windsor Business

Yoga Born LLC was established two years ago in August. Dawn Greenfield the Founder of was a brand new business owner with a big vision to help women be injury and pain free while feeling vibrant and full of vigor mid-life and beyond. Greenfield shares, “I had sustained multiple injures while practicing in large […]

Perk Up Blog Radio with Eaglemoon

Eaglemoon writes…. “Would you like to be a guest on my radio show. Www.  Looking forward to having a rich bold jazzy conversation with you about Yoga.  I saw the testimonial with the wonderful man on your website.  Erika Dworkin of the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe was raving about your care, and your easing […]

Yoga Business with Mission

Yoga Born Mission Statement At the of Yoga Born’s mission is our desire to teach and guide you to believe in yourself, “You can do yoga!” At Yoga Born we create a vacation-vibe by teaching therapeutic yoga for an injury-free yoga practice guaranteed to be non-intimidating. Our approach is appealing to the reluctant inflexible mid-lifers and beyond in our positive, judgment-free non-competitive environment. […]

Beginners Yoga Daily

Are you feeling lackadaisical in the summer heat?   We can help you find relief from heat, stress and low energy. We want to help you manage the 24/7 demands on you with a therapeutic yoga class this week! Attend a couple yoga classes a week to boost your self-confidence and feel younger.       Congratulations […]

Therapeutic Yoga Injury Free

Create a vacation-vibe with therapeutic yoga Ahhhh, July. Hot days, cool nights, fireflies, and Independence Day. What better way to celebrate freedom than with empowering Yoga Born classes? Let us take you beyond your current struggles with therapeutic yoga. If your body is expressing signs of stress, Dawn and Rob will show you the beauty of a non-intimidating yoga practice. […]