Posts from — March 2014

Need motivation to move?

Are you inspired to get yourself moving but are having trouble with your motivation? You are not alone! Yoga Born teachers and community will help you! The focus of Yoga Born classes is based in a Therapeutic Yoga that has evolved over many many years. Yoga offers you limitless opportunities to tend to your personal alignment […]

calling all care-givers

Are you stressed out?  We have some wonderful offers for you! Read the words below then close your eyes and repeat any part of this that means something to you … “There’s no rush, I have the luxury of time, I have nothing to prove – I don’t need to figure anything out right now.”  Didn’t that feel incredible?  There’s more where that […]

Yoga for Brain Injury and Special Needs

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Since 2005 Dawn Greenfield has worked and trained in yoga refining her focus in 2008 to a Therapeutic focus due to personal injuries generating chronic pain – with daily focus Dawn is pain free. Greenfield has taught a variety of people from 4 years old on the autism spectrum […]