Posts from — July 2015

A Measurement Worth Knowing

How does your health measure?  Does your body move with ease? Do you have the energy you want? Are you sleeping well at night? Your answers to these questions are a better gauge on health than numbers on a scale. Attend 2 Yoga Classes a week. Every class you train your body to move in a positive direction! […]

Learn Step-By-Step

We are open every day. This offers you opportunities to deal with everyday stress and hassles. We have a particularly skillful class that can benefit you! After a month of attending Beginners Yoga Classes and Mixed Levels you will feel confident to participate in Strength & Structure. This is were Rob Nolan shines and you […]

Guided Imagery Meditation and More

Class Held Once a Month Guided Imagery Meditation is the practice of concentrated focus in order to increase awareness of the present moment. Bonnie Zaman supports the Yoga Born community as a Reiki Master, offering Aura Clearing, Guided Meditation, Healing the Shadow Self, Spiritual Protection and Healing, Past Life Regression, as writer she will write […]

Business Expansion Award

Start up yoga-business is booming and the community is loving it! Yoga Born officially began teaching in-home personal yogasessions in 2007. Dawn Greenfield recognized a need for absolute beginners to yoga, to be met where they are and taught yoga. For newbies to yoga practice to fit their needs, to be able to participate and […]