Posts from — September 2015

Guided Imagery Meditation

Guided Imagery Meditation : By Bonnie Zaman Sunday October 4 4:30-5:30pm Class Held Once a Month. With live Gongs by Silent Sound Guided Imagery Meditation is the practice of concentrated focus in order to increase awareness of the present moment. Helps to reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance personal and spiritual growth. Beyond the class you can […]

Back to School Sale : Reiki Harmonious Self

Meet Bonnie Zaman $10 off on regular pricing during Sept $45 per session (reg intro rate of $35 remains the same) Contact Bonnie Directly  (860) 944-1668 “Reiki is a gentle Japanese touch therapy for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes self healing.     Perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall and before […]

Open House : Well-being

Open House Saturday September 19 10:30-2:00pm Yoga Born is passionate about making yoga accessible and sustainable. No yoga experience? Great! You’ll fit right in. Our Team is made up of hardworking people who have lived in anguish and discovered ways to live in serenity. We look forward to meeting you! SAVE YOUR SPACE NOW Beginners […]

Back to School Sale : Stellar Therapeutic Massage

Meet Cari Mott of Stellar Therapeutic Massage.   How often should you get a stellar therapeutic massage? The effects of massage are cumulative, so the more frequently you receive it the more significant and lasting the effects will be. Your personal health goals play a big part in determining how frequently you should get a […]

Back to School Sale : Yoga Born

SALES 9/1/15 – 9/9/15 Have you been curious about trying yoga? Not sure where to go? Yoga Born is where you can fit in. Yoga Born has a passion for making yoga accessible and applicable to relieving with chronic; neck, back, shoulders, hips and more. Yoga Born Studios (YBS) is in a convenient location home to […]