Posts from — November 2015

Shop Local

Recent research from Civic Economics ( indicates that local eateries return nearly 79 percent of revenues to the community, compared to just over 30 percent for chain restaurants. “When profits stay local, it increases the community’s wealth, tax revenue and standard of living,” Sue Lynn Sasser, PhD and professor of economics at the University of […]

Yoga Helped Change Yoga Born’s Owner’s Life

Yoga Born is not your typical yoga studio that expects participants to all bend the same way and force their bodies in to awkward positions; they care about the full person. Owner Dawn Greenfield said that yoga helped to change her life. Greenfield teaches at the studio along with her daughter Veronica Greenfield and other […]

Leading Edge Focus

Yoga Born Studio Has a Leading Edge Focus…..   Serving hardworking people on their journey of self realization and personal alignment.  As the year is coming to its close, let’s rejoice in the coming year with positive thoughts and ways to love our entire being. Remember as you start this New Year, the Universe always […]

Studies show

Yoga is a happy place A study by the Harvard School of Medicine showed that yoga is able to modulate stress responses. It reduces the heart rate, eases respiration, and lowers your blood pressure.* Over time, practicing yoga can help your body to deal with stress more effectively. Yoga can improve your mood – and there have […]

Essential Oils for Pain and Mood Management

TALK : Essential Oils for Pain and Mood Management   Come learn about the power of essential oils for life’s everyday bumps in the road. We’ll discuss how individual and blended oils can support the body by doing such things as: sooth and relax muscles, uplift and support the mood and offer comfort.   Class […]