Posts from — March 2016

Writing Your Pictorial History

Stories are what make us human, setting us apart from all other species. Your own Pictorial History goes a step further and sets you apart from all other humans. It is a way to share your unique experiences, observations, beliefs and feelings as nuggets of wisdom for those closest to your heart: your intimate circle of family […]

Yoga and more

Since 2007 Yoga Born has been making yoga accessible and applicable to relieving the stress of life. In 2011 Yoga Born Studios opened in a convenient location to build a positive non-competitive community focused on living life to its fullest. The vision of Yoga Born is to help the whole person with regular self-care through […]

Using Hypnosis

The Alliance for Holistic Living was created by a group of practitioners and individuals who share common goals and ideals about living a holistic life. It is our desire to build community through service and education. We have personal visions and dreams for our group and of what we would like to see evolve. Our […]

Yoga Promise

Yoga Promise starts Tue Mar 15. We teach you step by step instructions to get movement in your body and relaxation in your mind. Improve your life and see results from a yoga practice with no contract, 30 days unlimited yoga ONLY $125* ($15 savings) Purchase NOW Offer Ends 3/15 Use MindBody Connect App to sign up for classes (to be entered to win) Attend 2 – 4 classes a […]