Posts from — December 2016

New Year, New Way

New Year Revolution Workshop Review from Cari Mott, Founder of Stellar Therapeutic Massage. Last year I took this workshop and could not BELIEVE how useful it was. Every intention I set for myself during that workshop became the focus of my whole year, and at times I didn’t even realize that I was still working […]

He hates to exercise but…

He hates to exercise but … is experiencing a higher quality of life this is the first time ever a client is so passionate about his progress and success he asked Yoga Born to give a testimonial about aging and an improved quality of life…who could ask for more? Do you find yourself […]

3 options for beginners to yoga

Here are 3 options for beginners to yoga to get started in the New Year.     Option #1 One-time workshop Sat Jan 7 11am-1pm. Starting with a moderate yoga practice to align your body and mind. You’ll receive easy to follow tips to take home. $40 Sign Up By Dec 31 / $50 After  (Members $20 Sign […]

Gift Certificates : Benefits Limitless

Gift the best gift every. Yoga! Gift Certificates Therapeutic Benefits* Improved Posture. Stress Relief. Reduce Pain. Better Balance. Flexibility. Strength. Detox. Overall Ease. Stress has been known to cause or contribute to varying medical problems, ranging from irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches and potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. See you on the mat […]