Posts from — May 2017

Meditation Made Easier

Meditation Made Easier. Learning how to meditate takes time and patience. But practicing is made easier and simpler through the practice of guided meditations. Guided meditations are when you are guided by a teacher or practitioner, and in your mind, the teacher or practitioner takes you on a journey designed to improve an aspect of […]

back pain? yoga for your back!

Got back pain? This class is dedicated to creating stability and stretch to improve and maintain mobility for a long happy life! No experience necessary. Wednesdays          5:00-5:45pm  May 31 – June 28 This class has offered relief and hope to those with scoliosis, recovered back surgery and suffer from chronic back pain. May 31st First […]

Yoga for tired feet

If your feet start to hurt, you need to take that pain and any other problems seriously. At Yoga Born we are helping many feet become healthy and happy. Foot pain relief is possible! Alignment yoga blends muscular engaging and stretching with a specific focus on breath work. The key to success and longevity is […]

Yoga for body & mind

Yoga Born is know best for teaching alignment yoga that can be practiced easily to give you more balance in your whole life! Debbie started attending Yoga Born classes almost one year ago and has found it to be the best workout for her body and mind ever. All the teachers skillfully address your needs, where […]

More than Mothers Day

From Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born Owner The Yoga Born mission is to help align you more consistently be the best version of yourself. Believe me when I tell you, I know it takes time, practice and patience. I have been using the tools of yoga and meditation practiced in the studio to support my journey and to be honest it’s […]