More yoga and less bullying

Throughout life I’ve crossed paths with bullies of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. As a young girl on the school bus I would stand up for the any individual being treated abusively. It just never felt right to me to sit still while my ‘neighbor’ was being mistreated. Perhaps because I grew up in a family that was rooted in varying levels of bullying which as a young girl I had no control over.


There are times in our life when we bully ourselves by belittling ourselves and not giving credit to our own accomplishments. My past tendencies where to bully myself, “I should work out / I shouldn’t eat that.” I begin attending yoga classes in 2002 and over the years dove with belief in it’s power to show me my strengths and weaknesses with acceptance and compassion.


When we greet ourselves on the yoga mat we begin a journey that will truly transform your body-mind. If you find yourself in situations where you are regularly bullied, yoga will create inner-strength, mental-emotional clarity and confidence that you will slowly find those situations lessening. If you are bullying yourself the yoga practice will create new ways of be-friend-ing your body-mind and falling in love with yourself and your life.


An empowering musician who has overcome life’s diversity is now sharing such messages positivity! Michael Franti ‘s song Hey Hey Hey lyrics “Don’t let nobody ever tell you it couldn’t be done, Don’t let nobody ever tell you you’re the only one”…Gives such hope to anyone that will listen!


Remember this is a practice, we must continue to believe in our abilities to create anything you dream of and no longer give in to bullying.


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