This yogaborn studio is for YOU!

Dear Friends, We have been working around the clock at the Yoga Born Studios HeadQuarters to create an amazing space where everyone is invited to get comfy and learn a thing or two about yoga…and then FEEL the yoga after glow!

We are looking for folks that have NEVER tried yoga, friends if you’re NOT Flexible and NOT coordinated we want to see you at the GRAND OPENING. Sat Oct 15th! One day to sample all we have to offer and have a fun time! Wait until you see what we have planned…it’s going to make everyone smile.

CLICK here to see the upcoming class schedule! SOON you’ll be able to reserve your visit on line….
Class Schedule Begins Oct 16 2011


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1 Xadrian { 10.24.11 at 4:48 am }

I rlealy wish there were more articles like this on the web.