Yoga for Special Needs….this is really good


I love to teach yoga to everyone , my vision is ever expanding and always inclusive of any level of physical ability, all ages and stages. A regular yoga practice can maintain the connection to the inherent happiness, wealth and health within each person I meet.

Yoga Born began as an established business in 2008 primarily delivering in home yoga techniques to students with special needs. As I have honed my skills to work with clients of all levels I’m especially happy to support people that assist the special needs community.


Super fan review: Dawn has provided Great Results!

Dawn’s yoga practice with my daughter has been instrumental in her TBI recovery. My daughter has had vision/balance deficits that handicapped her mobility and her emotional stability.

Her improvement was remarkable in the first year.

Her Dr.’s were skeptic about the results being from Yoga. However, after that first year they are convinced. One of her Dr.’s has now taken up a Yoga practice. Her mood stability is greatly enhanced by Dawn’s talents with relaxation and motivation.

Dawn assess’s her mood and ability each session and modifies her practice to fit my daughters needs. I can not recommend Dawn and her special talent enough. She is engaging and wonderful to work with.

We have had 4 years of progress and are expecting to see much more.”

Chris W., Hired Dawn for Therapeutic Yoga in 2007

I’m very excited to share that Yoga Born Studios is offering a program to show you some basic yoga techniques to share on a One-On-One basis or a small group. Ready to Say Yes, Fri, Feb 3rd, 1-3pm will be fun and informative for all. Yoga Born’s Ready to Say Yes program has its roots in various movements that have been refined and implemented in One-on-One Sessions and Closed Groups since 2006 with children of varying ages, with Asperger syndrome and on the Spectrum of Autism. (more details)


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