Yoga in school showing results, officials say

If you have never done yoga before take it from the mouths of babes.  Yoga is making a difference in their lives. We are seeing that kids have stress and worries in today’s world. It’s a GREAT day when yoga teachers can share sustainable yoga techniques with kids to help keep them stay connected to themselves.

This Yahoo video brought me to tears when the reporter asked the kids, “how many of you think yoga has made  a difference in your life?” (CLICK TO VIEW) Yoga is working it’s magic around the world!

More and more people are stepping onto yoga mats to practice postures (asanas) that were created an estimated 5,000 years ago. The asanas are a great way to strengthen and stretch your body with low impact. Your muscles become toned and your internal organs are massaged during the practice.

The greatest reward students come back for is the quieting of the mind. A relief inside the ocean of thoughts as you focus on holding asanas or transitioning to the next. After each practice your mind feels more clear and you feel more in touch with what’s going on for you as an individual.

If you haven’t been on the mat in awhile think about giving yourself the gift of health & happiness.


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