Begin yoga in South Windsor

ct-small_outlined_orangeToo much on your plate? No time to work out? Don’t want to work out?

Yoga Born is here for you with alignment yoga classes every day to keep you going towards the results you want!

In Yoga Born classes you will get…improved strength, flexibility, balance and positive thinking! There is a difference between motivation* and inspiration**.

Are you experiencing aches, pains or something else has been keeping you down? 

dscn1994Meet Mark, he is amazed at the age of 60 he is feeling better than ever!


*Motivation is a force that causes you to do something.

**Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.

At Yoga Born our focus is to inspire you to feel the best you can and love the body you were born with!

Visit Yoga Born today for yoga, massage and reiki! We are here for you.



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