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In the heart of the Town Center Plaza of South Windsor is Yoga Born, a yoga studio dedicated to bringing the best yoga practice and healing arts it can. As a multi-disciplinary healing arts center providing client-oriented whole body and lifestyle treatment services, we aim to be diverse, comprehensive and not to mention excellent at what we do. 03.02.2019 a1 heart
Starting a new practice should feel welcoming, not overwhelming. At Yoga Born, we understand that yoga for beginners isn’t one size fits all, so we created this introductory class for all levels, life stages, and aspirations.
Whether you’re highly active, but new to the world of yoga, or establishing a movement practice for the very first time, we’ll help you learn the basic poses and techniques in a way that feels inspiring and accessible.
March – June 2019
Saturdays 9:30-10:30AM
Yoga Basics: More than Asana
First-time visitors try this out on us!
Yup, it’s free for the newbie.


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