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You’re Invited October 20th 9AM-12PM Open House.

 Celebrating 7 years together!

South Windsor – Small Business of the Year is Celebrating 7 years. You are invited to attend an Open House on Saturday October 20th to sample massage and reiki, a complimentary yoga class and more!

Do you ever think about what your body will look like in the future? As our bodies age, we start to see the signs of the times, and they’re not all pretty.

Muscles sag, skin droops, our backs become bent from the stress and anxiety of life. We’re weaker, with poor balance and a loss of flexibility. Then there’s the little aches and pains that seem to become a normal part of our day.

So, what’s a body to do? Well, one option is to join a gym or one of those fitness centers where everyone is jumping around and yelling. There’s nothing wrong with those places if that’s what you enjoy, but what if you’re someone who doesn’t like to work out but still wants the benefits?

Then it’s time for you to discover yoga at Yoga Born. Visit Saturday October 20th 9am-12pm an Open House at Yoga Born, in the Town Center Plaza of South Windsor (next to Uptown Consignment) 1735 Ellington Rd (860) 432-5678.

Sample yoga class 9:30am-10:15am. Sample massage and reiki 9am-12pm. You can reserve your space online or call us today! or (860) 433-5678.                                              

At Yoga Born, your health and well-being are our number one concern. We don’t believe in the “No pain, no gain” philosophy. We simply believe in no pain.

Yoga provides all the benefits you get from any type of exercise or workout routine you do consistently. Yoga builds strength, improves flexibility, balance and soothes out the stress of life.

Maybe you’ve had a stressful day or week or month or year. Yoga provides a calm, serene environment for you to unwind and let go of whatever thoughts are stressing you out. Every class starts with a focus on breathing and releasing all the stress that may have come into the studio with you.

Experience it for yourself! During October, new clients can try yoga for 7 days for only $7. If you show up and take the classes, you will get the results. Our members guarantee it.


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