Self Care Practices

“Never put an age limit on your dream” – Dara Torres Four time Olympic champion, swimming

“It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.” ~Stephen Hawking English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author

We’ve made it through winter, how are you doing? ! It’s usually around this time that most of us could use a boost.  Our solution… lets practice yoga!!!  It might just be the spark you need to tap back into those New Years commitments you so desperately want to keep. 

Let the Spirit of Spring captivate your heart and soak in the courage, strength, enthusiasm, motivation, commitment, focus, passion and love that brings our land back to life after resting.   

It might be hard to imagine ‘living up’ to such high standards, but there is something about witnessing greatness that brings out our own inner joy– calling us to challenge our self-limiting beliefs and urging us to stretch into our potential.  This is Yoga. Learning to play, pay attention, deepen connections, and live more harmoniously with ourselves and the world.  Yoga reminds us that there’s PLAY already inside of us, waiting to come forth and shine bright.

Below you will find some Self Care Practices to help you feel full of potential! 

1. 2-3 yoga classes a week 

2. Schedule a massage                                 

3. Relax with reiki

We love beginners…read more here


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