Welcome to Yoga Born!

Welcome to Yoga Born!

I opened Yoga Born Studios in the Town Center of South Windsor in October 2011.

My mission was to create a welcoming community while removing the intimidation factor of yoga.

The goal is for us to learn to be in our body at a conscious peaceful pace with a #positive #focus. thank you

At Yoga Born we believe that You were born with everything you need to thrive. You were born with a sense of wanting to feel good and the mechanisms to bring it about. Yoga Born is open for you to delight in all that you are and all you are becoming!

Each yoga class has a similar feel with a slightly different focus, especially when students are open to self-care. We structure classes for your benefit and current needs.

We thank you for visiting. Please review the current class schedule, feel free to visit for a bit, and ask any questions.

We hope you feel Yoga Born is a place you’d enjoy visiting to see how this practice can benefit you. We would love to see you regularly!

Please stay in touch and allow Yoga Born to inspire you on Facebook.

A short list of the many services inside Yoga Born…

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