Yoga for tired feet

mind body connectIf your feet start to hurt, you need to take that pain and any other problems seriously. At Yoga Born we are helping many feet become healthy and happy. Foot pain relief is possible!
footAlignment yoga blends muscular engaging and stretching with a specific focus on breath work. The key to success and longevity is to keep coming back!

The only way alignment yoga works is if you actually get on your mat, let yourself be guided and stay aware.

We want to encourage you to practice, practice, practice!

Together we practice life changing techniques. Alignment Yoga uses poses to create access to changing movement patterns in an easy and lasting fashion.

For so many students it is their lifestyle of sitting for too long, standing poorly and walking incorrectly that inhibits growth in the yoga practice. The Yoga Born practice helps to connect the way you move on and off the mat in order to deepen your practice as well as help you age more gracefully and have more energy throughout the day and your life. #alingmentYoga #southWindsor #happiness #lovethebodyyouwerebornwith

“Getting old is a state of mind.”

91-year-old Flossie Lewis is a former English teacher who now lives at the Piedmont Gardens Senior Living Community in the Bay Area. ct-small_outlined_orangeIn her spare time, Lewis writes ‘light verse’ for her local newspaper. She offers her #BriefButSpectacular take on what it feels like to grow old.

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