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Line Dance Your Way Into Wellness

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Thursday, July 20, 2017        LINE DANCE YOUR WAY INTO WELLNESS

Experience and learn how Line Dancing is a great way to heal your body and mind. It releases endorphins which affect emotions and can also reduce the sensation of line dancepain in the body. Lose yourself in the music and movement while getting exercise and having fun. No experience or partner necessary. Presenter Laura Dunfield, Ordained Minister at Madonna International and Line Dance Specialist.

Alliance for Holistic Living Workshops and Events

~~ FREE Community Workshop Series ~~
Third Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 pm

For these workshops: No advance registration, just walk in. Food donations REQUESTED for local food pantry. Financial donations are also accepted to support the mission of the Alliance.

Chair Yoga

mind body connectCHAIR YOGA 5 WEEKS

July 8, 2017, South Windsor, CT –  Yoga Born is Yoga You Can DoImprove posture, balance, strength & flexibility.

Have people been telling you to try yoga but you can’t get down on and up from the floor? Chair Yoga 5weeks is for you. View Flier

chair yogaThere will be a different focus each week to relieve neck pain, build shoulder and core strength, improve hip flexibility, feel less stiff overall while becoming more balanced. Attending all sessions will be very helpful, consistency is the key! 

Fridays July 21- August 18 9:30-10:30am. Sign up by Sun July 16, mention this article and receive ten dollars off Chair Yoga 5weeks.

Starting anything new can be intimidating. At Yoga Born the focus is on the people walking in the door. What do you need? How can Yoga Born help you? In addition, we do not promote competitiveness, but rather are encouraging. Yoga Born teaches alignment yoga using the wisdom of traditional yoga. 

Yoga Born is located within the Town Center Plaza, 1735 Ellington Rd, South Windsor (Uptown Consignment neighbor). Call with any questions 860-432-5678. Information can be found at

Dynamic Duo: Wall Practice & Yoga Nidra

mind body connectDynamic Duo: Wall Practice & Yoga Nidra.
Come use the ultimate prop then practice yoga nidra.
Imagine having energy and vitality to spare while doing everything you love. This is what truly flourishing is all about. That’s why we want to let you know that enrollment is open….SIGN UP HERE
A potent practice to be strong and then unwind to feel more balanced in life.
dynamic duo (1) cropLearn to utilize the ultimate prop as a steady force that stimulates progress to build on your strength, flexibility, balance and confidence.
At the end of the yoga practice at the wall you will be led step-by-step through yoga nidra (yoga sleep) in order to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, and repair tissue.
$20 Yoga Born Member
$25 Sign up by Jul 7

Coming Soon…

Chair Yoga 5wks Fridays July 21 – August 18 9:30-10:30A Improve posture, balance, strength & flexibility. View Flier

Young Adult Mindfulness Retreat(s) Fridays Jul 28, Aug 11, Aug 25 11:00A-3:00P Be calm, focused, self-aware & love the body you were born with!! View Flier

Yoga for Your Back Wednesdays 5:00-5:45pm Jun 14-Aug 30 See flier


Yoga tips for shoulder neck stiffness

mind body connectWe teach alignment yoga using the wisdom of traditional yoga to help you relieve pain through alignment, engagement, stretching and breathing!

Neck and shoulder tension, stiffness, soreness, and pain are common symptoms of anxiety.

Yoga tips for neck shoulder stiffnessTry these easy to follow moves and share them with friends!


Never do anything that hurts. Practice these moves a few times to notice what if feels like to repeat and relieve your aches.

Neck pain may feel like a “kink,” stiffness, or severe pain. Pain may spread to the shoulders, upper back, or arms, or it may cause a headache.

Chair Yoga 5wks Fridays July 21 – August 18 9:30-10:30A Improve posture, balance, strength & flexibility. View Flier

Young Adult Mindfulness Retreat(s) Fridays Jul 28, Aug 11, Aug 25 11:00A-3:00P Be calm, focused, self-aware & love the body you were born with!! View Flier

Yoga for Your Back Wednesdays 5:00-5:45pm Jun 14-Aug 30 See flier

Yoga Born is for you. Especially if you’re not flexible or used to do yoga but ‘can’t’ anymore. You will meet others just like you in this positive community.

We have more moves you can do support yourself at Yoga Born with Personal Yoga and Yoga Classes. Both are tailored to make the yoga practice work for you! 

ct-small_outlined_orangeVisit often for results beyond your expectations!

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Yoga for a hectic lifestyle

mind body connectQUESTION: How do you focus and stay your best during the fluctuation between celebrations, losses, responsibilities, work, family, and self-care?

ANSWER: To stay focused I need my yoga and meditation practice, everyday…and it’s just that – a practice! Every so often a new level of awareness beckons. Sometimes I’m annoyed, other times I’m delighted, either way I am always rewarded with strength, flexibility, balance, serenity and a better version of myself.

Take a few breaths and remember the last time you felt your best. That is why I opened Yoga Born, my practice expanded beyond the surface and towards a deeper experience of engaging in life. I look forward to seeing you in the studio to make time for yourself, you deserve it….trust me everything else will wait. 
Peace, love & happiness,
Dawn Greenfield
Yoga Student Since 2000
Yoga Teacher Since 2005
Yoga Studio Owner Since 2011

Love the body you were born with
It takes time, but it’s worth it!