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Keeping yoga business good

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.~Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Almost Spring to You!  I don’t know about you but I have had spring fever since December! 

It has been an interesting winter and while I love the snow, I am so excited for spring! I love to watch as the first signs of spring emerge, the little green sprouts that begin to poke through the soil, the light of the morning, and the longer days.

I hope your experiences while participating in classes helps you along the way toward living your life as a confident, comfortable, caring person, just as it does for us; as yoga teachers.

I’m going to give it to you straight, I was frozen by the fear of the unknown before actually signing my name and my responsibilities to open Yoga Born. My own practices and seeing you everyday has given me the support to know I can’t know everything, nothing is ever perfect, I can’t do it alone, and I don’t have to be afraid.

There are numerous costs involved in running a small business, however we have continued to keep moving forward! Many times I have delivered the Yoga Born rent check, signed payroll, turned on the heat and made a fresh pot of the hot drink and I am thankful for you.

I want us all to take a moment to realize we are the success-story. Each of us help to open the doors every day (even when we’d rather stay in bed) because when we come together, even for just one hour, we help each other to keep moving forward!


We are adding $1 per class and thank you for your support…

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Yoga student turned yoga business owner

DSCN9375“Let me tell you why I practice yoga.

I come to Yoga Born​ —and would whether I was a yoga teacher or not—because I fall below my own standards and need to be constantly brought back to them. I am afraid of becoming stressed out and negative, and my practice brings me back to what I want to be.

I could easily despair; doubt and dismay could overwhelm me. My practice renews my courage and my hope. I must have my conscience sharpened—sharpened until it encourages me to the most thorough and responsible thinking of which I am capable.

I must feel again the love I owe to myself and others. I must not only hear about it but feel it. In yoga, I do. I am brought in every way toward my best.”

~Dawn Greenfield
Yoga Student Since 2000.
Yoga Teacher Since 2005.
Yoga Studio Owner Since 2011.
Love the body you were born with. It takes practice!

Throughout the month to help you care for yourself 



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Positive Self-Care

artisto(35)How do you care for yourself?

Maintenance is a spiritual road. The body is a dynamic vessel that holds our experience of life. Just as we take our cars in for regular maintenance we often forget that our body needs care in the same way.

Self care is a practice and the tradition of Yoga invites into this process. Yoga reminds us that connection to our mind, body, and heart are paramount to living a good life. 

Come practice with us!

Classes available each day and workshops throughout the month to help you care for yourself 



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Gong Experience

Hooked on Sonics – My Gong Experience
By Mark Coté

My first exposure to live gong playing was during a yoga class at Yoga Born. There was a gong, some chimes, and a couple of crystal singing bowls. Doug, the gong guy, used his instruments to provide music for the class. I had a mixed reaction to the instruments. I really liked the gong and the chimes but found the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls to be a bit discordant.
gong meditationI was a bit surprised by my reaction to the crystal singing bowls, so, 
after the class, I took some time to reflect upon and examine my 
experience. I was taught when I was young that the Universe is made up of energy and matter, and that they were two different things. Quantum physics has shown that the Universe is vibrational energy. What I was taught was matter is really energy vibrating at a rate to be solid. Throughout my years of study in the areas of personal development and metaphysics, this lesson has been repeated and reinforced time and time again. I believe it to the core of my being and my experiences validate and reinforce my belief.

So why did I have a less than positive reaction to the crystal singing 
bowls? As I looked at where I was in that moment, I realized that I 
focused and latched on to my initial reaction, that of discord. I 
refused to change my focus, or let it go, so it became my experience. I resolved to be open to a new perception the next time I had the opportunity to experience the gongs and see where it would take me.

The next time I attended a yoga class with gongs I had a completely 
different experience. By allowing the vibrations of all of the 
instruments to flow through me and resonate with my own vibrational energy, I felt energized and rejuvenated. During relaxation I was able to let go of the conscious thoughts and distractions and feel completely free of tension and anxiety.

I now attend every gong workshop I can. The Yoga and Gongs two hour workshop is a perfect blend of movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation. Having Doug play during yoga weaves a vibrational support into all the movements and really supports steady breathing. The extended relaxation period allows me to fully immerse myself in the vibrational energy of the instruments, filling me with feelings of peace, joy and love. The two hours fly by, leaving me wanting more.

I recently attended my first Gong Meditation and was completely 
enthralled by the experience. Lying in a comfortable position, wrapped up in blankets, safe, warm and comfy, while Doug created his vibrational magic using three gongs instead of one, along with the chimes and singing bowls, was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Doug is a maestro, weaving a tapestry of delightful and delicious vibrational energies to create a multitude of experiences. I went from being one with the cosmos, soaring through the wonders of the galaxy, to lying under the hot sun, in a field of comfortable grass, to being completely immersed in a universe made up of nothing but the vibrations I was experiencing. Once again, I found it was over all too soon.

The benefits and healing properties of meditation and vibrational 
energies are well known and have been written about extensively. If 
you’re interested in learning more, come in to Yoga Born and talk to 
Reiki Master Bonnie Zaman, founder of Harmonious Self. Or Dawn 
Greenfield, Yoga Born co-founder, director and instructor 
extraordinaire. Or Cari Mott, massage therapist and founder of Stellar Therapeutic Massage.

When I was young, I thought I was indestructible and would live forever. Today, at 61, I know better. I still want to live as long as I can, get to the highest number possible. Now I realize that more important than the number I reach is the quality of life I experience and how I feel every day. That’s where self-care comes in to play. Just as eating one fast food meal does not make me unhealthy, one yoga class, massage or Reiki session can’t make me healthy. It’s the cumulative effect, the result of repetitive action over time, that determines the result. I attend 6 to 7 yoga classes a week, get a massage every two weeks and get Reiki every three to four weeks. The result? I feel awesome, pretty much all of the time. I feel better at 61 than I did at 50 when I wasn’t doing anything on a consistent basis to create a high quality of life.

In case you’re wondering, I am not a shill or a paid spokesperson. I am simply an extremely satisfied client that wanted to share my experiences with you and encourage you to do whatever you can to support your long term health and well being.