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Vibrational Relaxation Mind-Body

mind body connectJoin Dawn & Doug for an exquisite experience! Boost your immune system, improve your digestion and allow your entire body-mind to relax and heal at a natural rate.

Workshop Held Once a Month

Yoga & Gongs Workshop 
Sun Oct 29th 5:00-6:30P


Workshop Policy requires 5 people be signed up in advance to hold the 9 (9) cropped

Dawn will teach soothing breath techniques, active and restorative yoga while creating your own mantra will be enticingly engaging.

Doug with gongs, singing bowl and bar chimes will create sound frequencies that can affect you on a cellular level. This practice will influence how you feel and function. Sound healing practices use vibrational sound and frequency to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well being for better health.


Chair Yoga One Time a Month

mind body connectWorkshop Held One Time a Month

artisto(3)Chair Yoga Sat Oct 21st @ 10:30am

“This program exceeded my expectations. I feel great, I will be back.” ~Bonnie Z


Workshop Policy requires 5 people be signed up in advance to hold the workshop.

Bring both the body and mind back into balance.

Practice at Yoga Born to overcome the belief of “I’m not good enough”.

Side by side we practice how to turn “failures” into stepping stones to developing the greatest self.

Step-by-step instructions on how-to do yoga that is customized for your needs. chair yoga 10.2017


Improve posture, balance, strength & flexibility! Let’s practice together alignment yoga, it’s yoga you can do!

Different focus each week: relieve neck pain, build shoulder & core strength, improve hip flexibility, feel less stiff overall & more balanced. Attending all sessions will be very helpful, consistency is the key!


Try New Ways to Feel Better

Workshop Spaces Available

Dynamic Duo Sun Oct 15th 5:00-6:30P Energizing active yoga then relaxing yoga nidra.

The Autumn season is the perfect time to turn inwards and return again to our practices, after the heat & light of the summer. We are excited to share uplifting and customized workshops as we collectively return to the rhythms of Fall.

At Yoga Bomindbody apprn​ we associate the fall season with celebrating our existence and learning new things!

Be it learning about yoga as a practice for the first time or revisiting an aspect of yoga we haven’t explored in a while, there is something for everyone this Fall! As they say, even old dogs can learn new tricks.


Yoga Born Review

“Dawn is just amazing. She is not a typical yoga instructor where you do the same routine over and over. I like how Dawn always guides us to try different poses at every class. I always dealt with yoga classes, were the routines were repetitive. Yoga Born is quite different compared to other yoga classes.” ~Deepthi T.


South Windsor Spectacular

mindbody appThe business world and family fun will meet at the South Windsor Spectacular, on Oct. 7.

The free event will be held at Nomads, 100 Bidwell Road, South Windsor, and will run 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There will also be “dynamic” live demonstrations, a live performance from a singing quartet, and other live entertainment.

Intro to Yoga 11:15-11:45am  Practice easy steps to boost your energy, help neck-shoulder-back pain and create your own mantra! No experience required, come as you are. Yoga Born of South Windsor, Owner; Dawn Greenfield promoting body positive yoga since 2005.              

spectacularA variety of food will be available for purchase. Participating restaurants include Angry Skillet, Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue, The Cupcake Brake, and others. 

“Our theme this year is really something for everyone,” South Windsor Chamber staff said.

Guests will also have the opportunity to participate in raffles. Raffle prizes include Yard Goats tickets and even a 2017 Ford Mustang. The Mustang raffle has been ongoing before the Spectacular event.

Only 350 tickets will be sold for the Mustang raffle. Tickets are $150 contact Dawn Greenfield if you would like to purchase 860-432-5678. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Wine & Chocolate Tasting event in November. The winner does not have to be present.


Yoga Class Review & Sale

Raving Yoga Class Review

“I love all the teachers at Yoga Born. But Dawn especially makes every class different. Today’s class started off fairly chill but by the end I was really challenging myself. She combined a lot of moves and poses in new and interesting ways. I look forward to to early class each weekend. It’s a great way to start the day!” ~Eileen P.

October is the Yoga Born Birthday Month is a special occasion for all! mindbody appbirthday image


We thank you for six years together of Mind-Body Positive Self-Care

Celebration Sale $66
6 classes, valid 60 days
Runs Oct 1st – 15th!

Purchase Policies:
Limited (2) per person. Purchase will be immediately activated. Taxable. Previously purchased package(s) expiration date(s) will remain intact.purchase