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Yoga tips for back pain relief

yoga, do yoga, practice yoga, learn yogaYoga tips for back pain relief  try these once a day to see how you respond, be patient, be ease and have fun!

Yoga Born teaches alignment yoga using the wisdom of traditional yoga.    

Class Schedule Sep – Dec 2017 PDF    

As you arrive at Yoga Born staff and teachers check in and see, “How is your body feeling today?” We want to start the process of you feeling for the first time in your day, how am I actually feeling….this takes practice with cultivating awareness.

Some easy moves for your back pain starts with warm up movement.


A balanced yoga practice is a great for lower back pain as it targets the hamstrings—which are often tight in those with lower back pain, the back extensors—or the large muscles on your lower back, and it allows you to lengthen and stretch out your entire spine.

Starting anything new can be intimidating. At Yoga Born the focus is on the people walking in the door. What do you need? How can yoga tips for back pain reliefYoga Born help you? In addition, we do not promote competitiveness, but rather are encouraging.

Yoga Born Mission is to love the body you were born with. All the services available are intended to help you heal, relax and feel better. Also available Stellar Therapeutic Massage, Reiki for People & Animals, Aroma Touch and more!

Yoga for body image issues

mind body connect

Yoga Born Body Positive;  You, Me , We : love the body you were born with. 

The Yoga Born Mission is to help people create a healthy, positive body image. Now is the time we take a stand for ourselves. 

Do you love your body? Your answer strongly influences behavior, self-care and your health.

Yoga Born highly recommends you watch EMBRACE

Body image is a person’s perception of the aesthetics or sexual attractiveness of their own body. The phrase body image was first coined by the Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst Paul Schilder in his book The Image and Appearance of the Human Body (1935).

Body image is the mental representation one creates, but it may or may not bear close relation to how others actually see you. Body image is subject to all kinds of distortion from internal elements like our emotions, moods, early experiences, attitudes of our parents, and much more. 

body positive south windsor, yoga body positiveYoga Born offers one-on-one and a seasonal class schedule VIEW SCHEDULE. A stress-relieving practice, can also be an effective way for people to develop a positive self-image. … A regular yoga practice can help heal body image issues and promote positive self-esteem. 

We need to stop loathing and shaming our bodies. Together we practice focusing on allowing better self-esteem. We can broaden our mental image of what a healthy body looks like. We slowly feel better in our bodies and boldly love the body we are born with.

For years, mainstream yoga publications, websites and clothing companies have carefully crafted a very specific image of what yoga looks like. Pictures of very thin, almost exclusively Caucasian women are being disproportionately featured in advertising and promotion for yoga. Very rarely do you see an “average” or “regular” sized person doing a simple yoga pose.

Society creates this impossible image so companies can make money off your insecurities about yourself and your body—insecurities that this type of marketing helped create in order to sell their products.

At Yoga Born you will fit right in!


Stress & Pain Relief. Job Posting.

mind body connectTake a minute to look back over this season and see what progress you made, and what changes have taken place in your life as a result of practicing at Yoga Born.

Are you feeling stronger? Has your body and mind balance improved? Have you enjoyed trying something new?

This is a moment of review and preparation for the coming month in which to renew your efforts to progress your personal development.

fun with lovePlease don’t trip on discouragement but rather come practice new habits of self acceptance.

In case you’re newer to the community, as a family run business we had closed in Augusts past. However as we have grown and hired more teachers and sales associates we plan to be open every day this August just for you!!

To celebrate we hope you’ll join…

Young Adult Mindfulness Retreat. Fri Aug 11th 11:00-3:00pm LEARN MORE

Reiki Orientation with Bonnie Zaman. Sat Aug 12th 12:30-1:30pm LEARN MORE

Chair Yoga. Fri Aug 18th 9:30-10:30am. LEARN MORE

Stress & Pain Relief; Yoga & Gongs Balance Body-Mind. Sun Aug 20th 5:00-6:30pm Sign Up By 8/18 LEARN MOREDSCN0651

We are scheduling interviews for a future front desk/sales associate. This is casual part-time with pay plus studio perks!!!! The shifts are designed around the Yoga Born class schedule….Wednesdays 4-8 and Fridays 4-7. Can you please share this? SEE FACEBOOK JOB

Thank you for visiting Yoga Born 

to work on you 

for you and 

being you!

Yoga Promise

Summer Yoga Promise!

Starting Sat Jul 15 thru Tue Sep 15, don’t miss out….

It’s easy, it’s fun and you will feel TOTALLY AWESOME; plus win prizes….All you have to do is keep practicing yoga!

#1 Estimate how many classes you’ll attend & document your GOAL.

yoga promise board example

#2 Use the APP to schedule classes & mark your calendar; Sat Jul 15 -Tue Aug 15. Example: 2-4 classes a week = GOAL 28 classes

#3 Now promise you’ll do your best for yourself. Show up for your classes…the more you practice the more chances to win!

At Yoga Born we love to have fun and cheer you on to love the body you were born with!

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Private Group Yoga Sessions

mind body connectYoga Born Owner, Dawn Greenfield was handpicked to work with MARC because she has been teaching people, not disabilities since 2005.

Yoga Born Private Group Sessions for MARC Community Resources has been a success since 2014, South Windsor, CT.MARC love 2

Each session is customized to help those within this special needs community feel encouraged and always able to participate.

There are warm up poses and breathing to help participants become more aware of their bodies. Each movement provides them with the ability to notice what feels good for their body. Practicing this is a great tool to becoming more able to positively cope when they start to feel anxious or upset.MARC love

Yoga is far from purely physical the combination of movement, soothing music, breath focus and self reflection activates the brain’s emotional region. This encourages them to develop awareness of their own emotions and those of others. Soothing music is a tool that the encourages attention and calming to create a comfortable environment.  This group includes but is not limited to yoga for down syndrome, yoga for autistic, yoga for deaf, yoga for MARC.

Regular participation has improved strength and flexibility, and an overall increasing sense of peace.

Yoga develops motor skills. MARC love 1Those with autism frequently experience delayed motor development, which can be improved as yoga tones muscles, enhances balance and stability, and develops body awareness and coordination.

Interested in Private Group Yoga?


Cancer Patients

Chair Yoga




Fire Fighters

Hair Dressers

Home schooled


Line Men

Parent & Child





Special Needs


These are just some of the many we have worked with!

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