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Health Benefits

Wellness5.jpg[1]Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born owner, openly shares that she went from being a gym rat to yoga lover.

“Within six classes I was matching my breathing to poses and it felt nearly impossible, and I was using a whole new set of muscles. I wanted more!”


Why Special Ops Are Doing Yoga—and Why You Should, Too

These warriors swear by it. See what it can do for you

As a Special Operations soldier, I must make good decisions in high-stress situations. The frame of mind that yoga puts me in lets me step back and assess a situation through a different lens and then react more calmly. In my line of work, that can be lifesaving.

Wellness8.jpgWhen I returned home, my wife and I were having marital problems because I was trying to force the relationship to “work.”

One afternoon, while in moon pose, I realized that I can’t impose my will on my marriage—I just had to step back and let it run the way it needed to run.

Soon, everything started working between us. I’m better at my job. I’m better in the gym.

I’m better at home. Hell, ask my wife—I’m even better in bed.



Open House

karin (25)Open House

Join us to see what it’s like to be a part of a thriving community

Saturday March 2

Contact Yoga Born to reserve your space
Experience and learn about the variety of services available for you!
06.02.18 (39)8:15AM All Levels Yoga with Rob
9:30AM Foundations of Yoga with Christina
10AM Sample Reiki, Refreshments & More!
10:45AM Wellness Forum with Staff & Clients
12PM Stretch with Dawn & Rob
<3 We aim to be diverse & comprehensive, not to mention excellent at what we do <3
Our welcoming atmosphere is open to all abilities, ages, genders, shapes, and sizes

Self-Love Event

self love slow flowSelf-Love Event Slow-Flow Yoga & Live Music

Self-Love Slow-Flow with Christina,
Sound Healing by James McGrath
Friday, February 22nd, 7-8:15pm
Join Yoga Born for this luxurious yoga event. Led by Christina Stevens, this 75 minute, all-levels practice will include a relaxing crystal bowl soundscape courtesy of sound artist and healer, James McGrath. (Cash gratuities are appreciated for sound healing)self love slow flow yoga
Oh yes! And it’s by candlelight!
‘Self-Love Slow Flow’ is a vinyasa-style yoga class infused with guided introspection and positive affirmations throughout. Both the physical and psychological aspects of the practice are designed to help release guilt, anger and resentment and foster forgiveness-for others and ourselves.
Please join us for this very special event!
Members and non-members take advantage of advance ticket options (purchase Jan 27-February 21)
self love slow flow musicMembers pay:
$15 in advance / $20 the day of event
Non-members pay:
$20 in advance / $25 the day of event

Learn Reiki in Connecticut

Do you want to heal yourself & others?
You can learn how to make that dream
your reality!

with Bonnie Zaman
Reiki Teacher/Master

Reiki training b
enefits are physical, emotional, mental & spiritual!

You can expect to learn: 

  • How give Reiki to yourself, others, & animals
  • Hand positions and Reiki Symbols
  • Using crystals & stones with Reiki
  • Aura Clearing & Meeting your Reiki Guide
  • Reiki teaching and giving Attunements
  • Certificates of Completion for each level
  • Second Fri Monthly Reiki Shares 6:30PM for all certified to give and receive in community.

Learn more
January 2019
Discover this simple, convenient, and affordable way to become a Healer
Reiki training includes (some discounts may apply):

  • Reiki Orientation – Sat Feb 9, 12:30PM – 1:30PM ENROLL

Come learn about the different Levels

  • Level I Certification – Mar 9, 12:30PM – 5:30PM

$165 Early Bird –ENROLL by Feb 23

  • Level II Certification – Mar 16, 12:30PM – 5:30PM

$215 Early Bird – ENROLL by Mar 2

  • Level III Certification – Mar 23, 12:30PM – 5:30PM

$265 Early Bird – ENROLL by Mar 9

  • Level IV Certification – Mar 30, 12:30PM – 5:30PM

$490 Early Bird – ENROLL by Mar 16

Once certified you are welcome to attend month Reiki Shares. 

Screen Free Time, Family Yoga

Screen Free Time, Family Yoga (kids age 3-8)

mommy and me (10)This class is the answer!
Once a month Sarah creates a theme-based, age appropriate, and fun way for kids and adults to practice yoga together that is a super successful screen-free quality-time.
KIDS & ADULT YOGA CLASS is an opportunity for kids and adults to sing, move, breathe, and connect with each other through yoga.
Each class will feature poses and movements can be done independently and together to encourage flexibility, movement, confidence joy!
No unaccompanied kids/adults. All levels welcome.
Family Yoga: kids & family yoga class
Jan 26 11-11:30AM Enroll by 1/24
Feb 23 11-11:30AM Enroll by 2/21
Mar 30 11-11:30AM Enroll by 3/28
mommy and me yoga (36)Enroll in all & get 10% off =$53
$20/class for up to 3 family members
$10/additional adult adults
$5/additional kid (ages 3-8)
pre-registration required – class size limited for safety.
pre-register online or call to register for all classes or additional participants.
All sales final, if you are unable to utilize this purchase you can share it.
We need five signed up in advance to hold this class, please spread the word!