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Screen Free Time, Family Yoga

Screen Free Time, Family Yoga (kids age 3-8)

mommy and me (10)This class is the answer!
Once a month Sarah creates a theme-based, age appropriate, and fun way for kids and adults to practice yoga together that is a super successful screen-free quality-time.
KIDS & ADULT YOGA CLASS is an opportunity for kids and adults to sing, move, breathe, and connect with each other through yoga.
Each class will feature poses and movements can be done independently and together to encourage flexibility, movement, confidence joy!
No unaccompanied kids/adults. All levels welcome.
Family Yoga: kids & family yoga class
Jan 26 11-11:30AM Enroll by 1/24
Feb 23 11-11:30AM Enroll by 2/21
Mar 30 11-11:30AM Enroll by 3/28
mommy and me yoga (36)Enroll in all & get 10% off =$53
$20/class for up to 3 family members
$10/additional adult adults
$5/additional kid (ages 3-8)
pre-registration required – class size limited for safety.
pre-register online or call to register for all classes or additional participants.
All sales final, if you are unable to utilize this purchase you can share it.
We need five signed up in advance to hold this class, please spread the word!

Seasonal Stretches offers relief when you try a few nourishing movements like the ones in this video on seasonal stretches!!!

seasonal stretch 1

Quick seasonal stretches to make darker days less stressful. If you aren’t getting to enough classes this is the answer to help your neck and shoulder release tension.

At Yoga Born, your health and well-being are our number one concern.

Visit often for results beyond your expectations!

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Yoga Born ☆ Practice experiencing transformation = body/mind feels better







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Foundations of Yoga

New Class! For beginners & if you’ve been practicing.

  • Foundations of Yoga, Saturdays 9:30-10:30AM
  • Jan 12th first-timers complimentary class.
  • Space is limited
Foundations of Yoga is like Yoga 101 with a twist!
 christina2 - Copy
This class is designed to help students discover the mind/body connection by breaking down widely used yoga poses, for example, ‘downward dog’, ‘tree pose’, and sun salutations.

By structuring class this way, we aim to teach practioners to use their bodies wisely and with care while in their yoga practice and in daily life. “Work smart, not hard”

Whether you are brand new to yoga or you simply want to enhance your practice with better precision and body alignment, this class is here for you!
Each class meeting will follow a simple and moderately paced flow, allowing lots of time to get into postures, breathe and observe…and as always, a killer playlist!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Weekly Support for Nutrition & Nourishment

WEEKLY SUPPORT GROUPS *sign up at least 24-hr in advance  

Nutrition and Nourishment   

It is time to be part of a new conversation about your body: one that nourishes you.                                       

  • Sundays 9:30-10:15AM                               
  • Mondays 7:30-8:15PM                    
  • Wednesdays 8:15-9:00AM

Participation benefits include: Weight loss, increased energy, heart health, diabetes prevention and management, better sleep and more!

Each week there will be one educational topic, time to share your goals, successes, challenges & your results.

happy young woman is jumping in the beach

happy young woman is jumping in the beach

Overcoming Limitations          

What do you want in life that you can’t seem to get? If you’re not experiencing everything you want in your life right now, this is for you!                                             

  • Sundays 10:30-11:15AM                            
  • Tuesdays 6:45-7:30PM                   
  • Thursdays 8:15-9:00AM

Participation benefits include: Get what you WANT in your life; work, relationships, finances & beyond!

Weekly there will be one educational topic, a discussion period and exercises to develop your skills.

  • Meetings are FREE to unlimited monthly members.                                                       
  • ONLY $15/session non-members.

Yoga Inspired New Year

Annual Workshop with Dawn Greenfield

Tired of making New Year resolutions you don’t keep? Make 2019 your year to commit.

new year (1) cropped

Dress to Practice Yoga.

Bring Snacks and a Journal.

You’ll follow specific steps to lay plans and commit to: your goals, taking action, being healthy, and being the best you in 2019!
“Every year this program gives me clarity and direction. The realistic tools help me stay committed and get results year-round! I will be back and I highly recommend it to everyone.” -DM

Starting with an empowering yoga practice to positively align your body, mind, and spirit. Step-by-step you’ll privately answer the questions that will help you apply your evolving abilities in the New Year.
You will receive follow up tips to take home and keep up the good work!
Sat Jan 5th 9:30 AM -12 PM sign up by 1/3/19
$35 Sign Up By 12/29. $40 Thereafter.
$45 Sign Up By 12/29. $50 Thereafter.
Yoga Born Workshop Policy requires 5 people be signed up in advance to hold the workshop.