4 STEPS to feel and be real

When you can love your memories of the past, your experience of the present, and your hopes for the future, you remove all impedance to possibility. ~Mindy Audlin

open to ALL you feel and become stronger

I began yoga because I was physically bored with my gym routines. I started yoga a very strong and flexible person looking for a new challenge and I found it! However within a few years of beginning yoga and consistently practicing 2-5 times a week in return there have been far more bounties.

Practicing yoga can challenge you on many different levels and bring up a kaleidoscope of memories, emotions, ego, likes and dislikes.

This past week I survived feeling terribly sad yet strong enough to not ask why or try to change it.

The shadow land of my internal land scape was trying to pull me in. Shadows that at times I have hidden in by numbing myself with over eating, long hard hours of physical activity, negative internal self talk or shopping. I began this year dedicated to finding a deeper level of balance and well-being from the inside out. As 2010 comes to an end I feel that I was being tested and without my usual vices then what?

1. I started my day with meditation and conscious manifestation.
2. During my day I programmed my phone to remind myself to Day Dream
3. At the end of my day I journal-ed about the high lights in my day.
4. ALL DAY I FELT without judging myself…calm with sadness

Experiencing each day trying my hardest to remain rooted in positive books & quotes, meditation, dressing in my most comfortable clothing, eating foods I enjoy and feel nourished by, practicing yoga, maintaining a moderate level of physical activity, dancing, family-fun coloring, attending stained glass class, staying in touch with those dearest to me and getting enough rest.

Without numbing myself I accessed something deep inside that is beyond words and integrated it. I empowered myself to be real and feel the sadness. For the first time I stayed fully conscious to handle what turned into a whole week of sadness and come out a little stronger and more thankful for who I really am. Someone with many layers.

My hope is next time the shadow tries to draw me in that it’s lost some of its charge and I live fully by what I am passionate about.

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken place. ~Ernest Hemingway


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