5 moves to help neck pain…

Here are 5 complimentary moves to help chronic neck pain that are easy to incorporate wherever you are. Use these moves with awareness in either a seated or standing posture, don’t worry about folks watching you.

Want some privacy? Try it on the toilet!


1. Be where you are: Sitting comfortably pause, notice breath, imagine any current tension leaving with your next exhale.

2. Say “NO” to neck pain: Move mind fully to your breathing in and out. Turn your head side to side as if gesturing “NO” : turn left, return to center, turn right and return to center. Repeat 3 times.

3. Bye-Bye tension: Relax your shoulders, really, let them go down away from your ears. Keep them down and tip your head side to side; ear to shoulder ear to shoulder. Move mind fully at a pace that is soothing to you.

4. Move 10lbs: Rest your chin parallel to the floor beneath you, lift your chin an inch up then down, repeat as 6 times consciously support any strain in your neck with your breath. relax your chin towards your chest (it doesn’t have to touch).

5. 8 is enough: BONUS move and honestly the most fun. If you’re standing brace yourself you might tip over. Close your eyes, gradually move your chin in a figure eight on its side (similar to the infinity symbol). Pause reverse the direction notice it probably feels weird, let your self move non-habitually. Advanced move is to move chin in figure 8 with the up and down movement.

Keeping your eyes closed and taking in steady breaths notice how your brain is feels, your eyes, your tongue and your shoulders. Is your tension gone?

It’s your time to shine friends! Shine effortlessly and without pain. Peace & Love.



1 Jenn { 11.11.10 at 1:36 am }

Exactly what I needed this evening!

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