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In Home Brain Injury Rehab Dec 2007

In 2004 I was working in an office as the assistant for the Lobbyist for Independent Insurance Agents of CT. It was great pay, outstanding benefits, steady hours, and low stress however I was not feeling ‘rewarded in my heart’ by this work. I started having conversations with friends stating, “In my heart I want to be doing more, I want to help people. I just don’t know what that looks like.”

Fast forward to 2007 I began some radical work and I’m living and working from my heart teaching yoga to a TBI survivor (Traumatic Brain Injury). I had never heard of TBI before our first meeting. I didn’t know exactly what her abilities or limitations were so I conducted myself with an open mind ready to explore all possibilities.

In the early months of our work she remained in seated or on her back. Within a few months her progression was very noticeable. Within seven months of practicing yoga Anna-Marie had become stronger, more balanced, more confident and developed useful skills to help manage anxious moments. It has been an inspiring journey and a new deeper level of teaching was born for me.


Correction we began yoga together in May 2007.

My approach of leading yoga for TBI clients comes from a place of gratitude to share the tool of yoga. I have great respect for each person that is willing to empower themselves or their family member to step onto this path towards true healing.

I chose the name Yoga Born because the individuals stories and the way they continue to live their lives has inspired me. During a training session to become licensed to work with TBI clients I was deeply moved to hear that no matter the severity of the brain injury the individual will never be the same person again. That hit me like an avalanche and I broke into tears during the session. Can you imagine? As a service provider I see a glimpse of this however can not fathom the strength it requires to live this new truth.

I am very thankful to offer people the opportunity to become present in their bodies. The practice is about nurturing a true love for the body they were born with…not what it was in the past, not what they wish it to be in the future, but this specific stage for a deeper healing of mind, body, and heart.

Over the years I’ve learned more about TBI. I have become very passionate about bringing yoga into their lives in whatever ways are the “most user friendly’ for the individual.

TBI does not discriminate. People sustain brain injuries every day. Some people survive while others die. For many of the TBI survivors, life is never the same again (for them or for the people in their lives.)

Prevention of TBI : How can you prevent a traumatic brain injury?
1. Wear a seatbelt!
A person not wearing their seatbelt is 8.4 times more likely to sustain a traumatic brain injury with loss of consciousness in a car wreck.

2. Don’t mix alcohol and driving.
50% of motor vehicle crash fatalities involve alcohol.

3. Wear a helmet when you’re bicycling.
A properly fitted helmet reduces the risk by 85% from having a head injury if you happen to fall off of your bike.

It has been a journey from day dreaming to truly living from my heart and I thank yoga for giving me tools to use and share.



1 Nancy A { 01.22.11 at 12:45 am }

What an amazing story of recovery and what a gift you’ve given her! Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea you were using yoga for such healing. Good luck with everything. Loving the blog! N

2 Gerrie { 10.25.11 at 1:54 am }

Heck of a job there, it ablsoutely helps me out.