Out of practice? 3 things to help you get back on your yoga mat

Come and practice with me...no judgements just yoga fun

This has become a time that we all get so busy we lose track of what we need the most. We lose the connection we have with ‘something’ that brings us joy and keeps us healthy. I hear from people time after time about how they’ve missed their yoga, they’ve been away for weeks, months, even years.

Has the time come for you that you’re hearing yourself say “this is it” or “I have to do this now” ?

Here’s the little nudge to get yourself into a yoga class and onto your mat. THREE things to encourage you to get up and make a move…

ONE: Make plans with a friend to go to yoga together. Make a fun event of it! Set the plan into your calendar/date book “Yoga with my lovely friend”. We are all short on time these days so with this in place you work on your well-being in a multitude of ways in yoga class and nurture your spirit with special time with a close friend. Share a class and a few laughs about falling out of thread the needle or loosing your balance in tree pose.

Review your schedule and see when you can make time for a longer practice. Most of us would love to have a few days away from real life to take off to a retreat center but after all it’s real life and isn’t so easy for a variety of reasons. Save your penny’s for that trip but in the mean time pre-register for a workshop at yoga studio that you’ve never been to before! You will be challenged in new ways by a longer practice, learn some new tricks for your regular practice and expand yourself by traveling into unfamiliar territory. (see my upcoming workshop dates at Storrs Yoga Center) I hope to see you there!

THREE: Be kind to yourself….Each of us are going in many different directions and sometimes we’re over scheduled. Take a minute to acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished today alone. Know recognize what you can do realistically for yourself that can your closer to whole body alignment for a happier and healthier you. Be kind to yourself because you deserve it, there is no reason to justify taking care of yourself. Repeat to yourself that you want to feel better, you deserve to feel better and this is the day you’re going to make it happen….repeat this to yourself a few times in your own words, get jazzed to go to the place inside yourself that absolutely has to be experienced. I would love to hear what you’ve done for yourself today with love and appreciation for all.


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I’m so glad I found my solituon online.