Simple ways to enhance your brain

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Which inspires me to ask you to take a moment to move all your toes up and down several times. Wiggling your toes activates nerves that stimulate your brain and internal organs. Try this first thing in your morning or after sitting for an extended period of time. It will help you to wake-up and become alert more quickly. Your whole body may feel pleasantly energized. During March each time you visit you’re invited to add color to the Yoga Born foyer.

Our focus this week is Yoga Nidra. I guide students into deep relaxation that invites their mind out of the everyday thought patterns while they rest comfortably. When we breathe deeply our brain to calms down and we can relax. When we release stress , such as heart rate decreases, breathing slows, and high blood pressure lowers as relaxation becomes synonymous with breathing deeply….and the abundance of joy and ease flows!


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1 Sylvia { 09.11.12 at 7:52 pm }

Hey! Great article. Came upon the toe wiggle thing just this morning while doing research for another topic. Now I know why I love to give my little piggies a wiggle from time to time! lol Thanks for the info