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ct-small_outlined_orangeThinking about trying yoga?

Where do you begin?

We want to welcome you to Yoga Born.

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Meet, Dawn Greenfield & Rob Nolan, Yoga Born Co-Founders

A new name to an old game. Love the body you were born with. Practice yoga you can do at Yoga Born.

Yoga Born’s Co-Founders are dedicated to teaching you what you need to know to get the most out of an alignment based yoga practice. “What we need in our aging bodies is to keep it moving safely and to enjoy what we choose to do. How many times have you borrowed a book, bought a DVD, bought cheap to pricey equipment, taken a one-time free class, tried to keep your motivation from dwindling only to fizzle out before a month has passed? If you can relate then you want to sign up today. We keep people interested in their practice because it’s based on their needs du jour, it’s always different and it’s also easy to follow along.”

20151010_130652Students will practice a variety of sequences appropriate for those will little or no yoga experience,
and for those who value investigating basic actions as a way to deepen their practice.

Safe and optimal alignment, as well as a balance of strengthening and
stretching for the entire body will be emphasized.
This is an ideal way for newcomers to sample an intelligent yoga practice.


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