Better Bones & Balance

Life is a constantly full of different circumstances. Yoga helps us to become stronger, maintain that strength and handle anything that life sends your way!

Your bones will become healthier, your digestion will improve, your balance will increase (physically, mentally and emotionally) and most importantly you’ll feel better about yourself.

Your self esteem will blossum and your critical thoughts will lessen.

yoga for all shapes, sizes & ages

yoga for all shapes, sizes & ages

Recent studies report that yoga improves the actual congruence of joints, undoing (reversing) the wear and tear that is responsible for osteoarthritis. Non impact, non weight-bearing exercise, such as swimming, won’t wear out your joints, but it won’t strengthen your bones, either. The good news is that a balanced yoga practice can give you all the positive benefits of weight-bearing exercise without negative wear and tear on the joints!

Yoga is the ideal exercise prescription for prevention of osteoporosis, for those already at risk, and for bone regeneration. All you need to do is visit Yoga Born and see what everyone is talking about. The studio culture is inspiring and motivating full of friendly people that are at the point in their life that they’ll ready to make themselves a priority.

Besides providing a superior form of weight-bearing exercise that stimulates bones to retain calcium, also help stimulate and distribute the flow of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints between the bones. Jogging, dancing, weight lifting, and other forms of exercise, while strengthening bones, may cause further imbalance in the muscular system. Yoga postures balance the muscles while your bones are strengthened. When the muscles are balanced, the skeletal system is brought back into alignment, reducing the risk of wear-and-tear conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Yoga Born works best with people that have never done yoga, people that think they’re too old, too fat, not flexible and just want to feel better and want to learn steps to make that happen to live longer happier.


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