composed while composing my story : PART 1

After many years of practicing yoga I take delight in my most resent recognition…Yoga practice isn’t only for physically controlling our bodies it’s about preparing and working towards breakthroughs of our own powerful hearts wisdom. A practice that enables us to experience life in during fear filled moments.


In the oral tradition of yoga I’ve heard a story of Mahesha and Dirgha. It’s good to know that this is also a story about ourselves as you will see how one or both characters have qualities you can relate to.

While in a battle Mahesha shifted shapes to overcome Dirgha. Dirgha matched this shifting; a lion, a blue striped tiger, a warrior that could crush anything and it went until Dirgha finally extinguished Mahesha.

How many times in life have we found ourselves in situations dealing with people and wondering why does this sort of thing always happen to me? Yoga invites us to be aware that we are the common denominator and can become more powerful while making breakthroughs in our hearts.

In this story Mahesha represents our stubborn old habits and a clinging to stories that keep us from joy. Dirgha represents our resilience of spirit to make breakthroughs and to react vibrantly clear.

I attended a meeting regarding my foster daughter with five others. I wasn’t given any indication the agenda would be any different than our regular monthly meetings.


Two months prior there had been a family implosion due to a situation between my foster daughter and biological daughter. We had an immediate “family meeting” to address and manage the damage control with consequences put in place. We have since had many “family meetings” to aid in the processing of the situation and even a few impromptu “family meetings”.

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