Daredevil practices balance

Dreams come true for a daredevil practicing balances poses and you too!


My family sat and watched Wallenda a daredevil from a long line of artists mastering their balancing craft has he began his walk across Niagara Falls. A daredevil feat he thought of when he was six years old. It took two years of communications with the United States and Canada for his clearance to make this attempt possible. His calm and composure was inspiring as he talked about the walk being done before he had even stepped on the ‘rope’.

A very short distance into this walk the news crew ask Wallenda if he had a message for the world. With clarity and ease he stated, “If you have a dream, stay focused on it and go towards it.”  This breath taking message made me think of the potential in all of us.


Balancing postures are priceless for Wallenda daredevil balance to be successful each time he steps on the wire. The Wallendas have seen many fall in the history of the family since they have been performing since 1780. A family that practices balance together supporting each others dreams.


Wallendas balance was graceful and smooth as his uncle handled the rigging and his father communicated with him the whole distance over Niagara Falls with confidence in his balance. Wallenda told the audience many times it was his focus, concentration and his training that prepared him for this 1,800-foot journey. This historic walk took him 25 minutes about three quarters of the distance he shared that he was feeling fatigued that the winds where nothing his training could have prepared him for.


Wallendas daredevil career reminds me to live the life you love. For many years I was letting life happen to me. With focus, concentration and practice each day I pre-pave living life this day with ease and joy.  We can all be daredevils practicing balancing to move towards what we dream of instead of what we have been told life should be.



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