Did I spot YOU doing yoga?

Our check list pre-storm: batteries, flashlights/headlamps, candles, matches, batteries, ice, extra propane, water….While waiting in line for essentials before and after Hurricane Irene I have a heightened sense of an underlying calm in a time that could potentially be full of panic. Before Hurricane Irene arrived we were humbled by the fact that no matter how detailed our plans and preparations in an instant it can all change for ever.

After the storm without the daily luxury of electricity and running water many flock to drive-thru’s bringing the ques out of parking lots and into the roads. Days later still without power we see people huddled around electric outlets in libraries and coffee shops.

In our face inconveniences are everywhere but notice there is also a tone of contentment in the community as we move around. We commiserate that we’re out of power and mutually give thanks, “If that’s the worst, I’m not going to complain.” I am secretly observing non-yoga-practitioners are in a state that many yoga practitioners visit during an average yoga practice. The state of gratitude and deep peace that comes after a horrible storm that has destroyed lives provides perspective. What’s most important? What do you value the most? What’s your life’s focus?

Yoga gives practitioners the opportunity to embrace with constant awareness the gift of our humanity while recognizing our individual and group divinity that resides within.

My hope is that we can all be present more often to enjoy the fact … we are the gift – each of us!

Finding calm during stormy moments is NOT an easy task...so WE practice

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1 Butch { 10.24.11 at 8:07 pm }

I wanted to spend a muinte to thank you for this.