Final Friday Feature

Friday April 25 6pm Yin-Restore taught by Dawn Greenfield is the final Friday Feature, the series will make a return in September 2014.
Come and enjoy a session that welcomes first time students.
Yin Yoga is the practice of holding your body in shapes for longer time without strain.
Restorative Yoga is the use of props to support you relaxing into postures.
This class is a delicious combination of both! A deeply restorative practice after a busy week.
Poses are supported with props allowing you to remain for some time (3-5 minutes) in optimal alignment.
This is a perfect compliment to all other Yoga Born classes, you are meant to arrive in a shape with very little feeling of stretch and within the time held you will allow the body to open up to new depths that can not be accessed with physical effort or force only sweet surrender.


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