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Since stepping on the path of yoga my life has changed dramatically in all positive ways. I stepped into a yoga class as gym rat, body obsessed, emotionally shut down, social skills lacking and limited belief in myself.

I had been working out religiously for about 10 years and had hit a plateau not to mention was bored with the gym routines that I would begin at 4am. A routine that I’d work on during lunch breaks and after work returning to the gym for a minimum of 2 hours and if it where nice outside I’d go for a run or bike ride after dinner.

I began in a single free class in a yoga studio intrigued by the practice because I knew nothing about yoga. I had literally once naively commented, “Yoga? I’ll do that when I’m 90 and I can’t lift (weights) or keep up with my cardio anymore.”

I was humbly astonished to be challenged on a physical level that shocked my body and eventually my mind. I loved the rigorous moves matched with a softening of the whole body (that was at first a major challenge for me to be still and relaxed). However it wasn’t long before I was bit by the yoga bug, I attended about 4/5 classes a week and saw changes in my physique that I could NEVER achieve with all my previous routines.

There were deeper changes happening in my mind and emotions that I didn’t have language and even a full understanding of. I began walking off the mat and interacting in the world like never before. I walked out of the shadows and into the kaleidoscope of life happening around me. Instead of harsh thoughts of myself and others I began complimenting strangers and feeling dreams bubble to life.

I met Debbie Phillips at a Tea Party she hosted in New York in June 2009. I walked into the party with my old stories of inadequacies dragging me towards the shadows. I met Debbie’s welcoming smile with a deep breathe and a quick pause. Little did I know how this event would began another great shift in my life. A shift that is about being supported to dream and do.

I am honored to share with you a blurb from Debbie Philips SPARK. She acknowledges some magnificent folks in the Women On Fire community and my work with the TBI community!

What do you love, love, love? (click to view debbie’s entire post)

by debbie on February 13, 2011

Before I take one more breath, you know what I love, love, love?

I love you for coming here week after week, sharing your heart, your struggles, your experience, your talent, your dreams.

Women on Fire is a community filled with such warmth, connection and caring that if we were to have our own official holiday it would be Valentine’s Day!

* Dawn Greenfield, owner of YogaBorn in Manchester, Connecticut, is achieving her dream to reach families of Traumatic Brain Injury to share the profound benefits that yoga can have on TBI survivors.

My first WOF Tea Party
Natalie Griffin, Dawn Greenfield, Paramjit Mahli, Debbie Phillips at
Lady Mendl's Tea Salon Jun 2009

Debbie is a brilliant inspiration as she lives her dream connecting and encouraging many woman through Women On Fire. I am deeply thankful to be surrounded by a growing community of absolutely incredible people.

Today I thank Debbie Phillips for all her growing, learning, dreaming and doing that makes the world a better place.

Who do you remember right now that has inspired you and makes your heart sing with such hope?


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