Guided Imagery Meditation and More

Guided Imagery Meditation with GongClass Held Once a Month

Guided Imagery Meditation is the practice of concentrated focus in order to increase awareness of the present moment.
Bonnie Zaman supports the Yoga Born community as a Reiki Master, offering Aura Clearing, Guided Meditation, Healing the Shadow Self, Spiritual Protection and Healing, Past Life Regression, as writer she will write your lifes story to share with loved ones and Spiritual Wills allowing you to leave all the wisdom you have experienced for those you care about. – See more about Bonnie CLICK HERE
Guided Imagery Meditation is a class Bonnie skillfully creates the meditations to help reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance personal and spiritual growth. Bonnie has participated in countless meditations. She uses her talents as a writer and practitioner to create a different Guided Imagery Meditation each month.

Reiki promotes relaxation

Students who attend find the Guided Imagery Meditation quite engaging and powerfully rewarding as they begin a work week. 
Even those intimidated by the practice or who haven’t enjoyed meditation previously find Bonnie’s particular style and report it’s amazingly appealing and they look forward to returning.
Bonnie is an incredible addition to the growing staff at Yoga Born. Aways considering the “beginner” and helping them along their journey towards optimal health.
There is an added bonus to the Guided Imagery Meditation, Silent Sound which is a combination of live Gong, Chimes and Singing Bowls. The vibrations created promote deeper relaxation.

Beyond this class session you can contact Bonnie Zaman for an appointment. REQUEST A SESSION HERE


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