Healing Reiki Available

Reiki is a natural system of healing that supports your body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki invites and encourages ones own life force to move freely throughout the body. As this happens, circulation improves and anything that is blocking the flow of energy is gently eliminated, at a healthy rate for each person. Reiki not only relieves stress, it reduces pain and accelerates healing by bringing the body and the mind into balance.

Reiki aids in restoring overall wellness.

Reiki allows the body to move into a state of complete relaxation, guiding the body to the point where nerves and cells are able to regenerate and alignment with our true nature is achieved. Reiki treatments can be offered for a variety of conditions and works alongside any other modality, with no contradiction. It is helpful in alleviating anxiety, restoring energy levels, and detoxing the body. With Reiki, we treat acute as well as chronic pain.

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Andrea Frasier (843) 467-7918, available evenings and weekends by appointment

Bonnie Zaman (860) 944-1668, available weekdays by appointment


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