Healing Sounds : Workshop

ct-small_outlined_orangeThrough the use of various Ancient & Contemporary style instruments, participants are brought back into balance of body~spirit~mind.
The Healing Vibrational sound is enhanced with Energy Healing provided by Lynne Hartwell for every participant in the event.
Lynne CT Perf

Lynne Hartwell

Instruments used: An artful combination of gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal pyramids & crystal bowls, tingshaws, indigenous flute, Shamanic Rattle, Native Style hand drumming.

Doug BIO

Doug Yaeger

Every event is 100% intuitively orchestrated and unscripted which allows a custom designed Healing Sound experience suited for the group’s specific needs.    

What participants can expect: Techniques on more effective meditation & breathing that they can do anytime for relaxation & restfulness. Energy healing that can reduce or heal the following: anxiety, fear, restlessness, anger, depression, physical discomfort, pain, worry, loss/bereavement, feeling “lost” in their life, etc.
healing sounds WEBParticipants can also expect a completely relaxing, enjoyable time surrounded in a Sound Vibrational “bath” that uplifts the mind~body~soul.    
What participants should bring: Participants will be lying down for about an hour, bring anything you need to be comfortable: pillows, blankets, mats, etc. Water is also recommended for after the event.  
ct-small_outlined_orangeCost:  $30 / $35 day of
A minimum of 10 people must be enrolled by Sat Jun 11 to hold this workshop.


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