Healthy and Happy Season

In our wellness corner conveniently located in a vibrant plaza we inspire students to get moving before the holidays take over….

At the end of November it’s tempting to put “working out” in the New Years Resolution category. But coming to even one class a week can be a huge success for you if you’ve been sedentary and stressed out.

So often the women we talk to are looking for an easy way to get moving, some for the first time in their adult lives.  The simplest staring point is to walk into Yoga Born and enjoy a session today!

We encourage and inspire movement based on alignment that facilitates your whole body coming into balance.

This practice provides you with required stimulation to support cartilage, bone and organs – while having a good time with positive people.
Both science and research have shown the most common ailments affecting the population  ~ ailments like osteoarthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis – are due to lack of movement.

We can help you enjoy finding balance…..Let’s get started this week! 

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