Healthy at 100 ! with Therapeutic Yoga

This family business is focused on helping you feel better and better daily with Therapeutic Yoga. Each session is about you slowing down to align with yourself. We teach, guide and motivate you to find the shapes/poses/asanas that work the best for your needs today, tomorrow and beyond!

We leave out the yoga jargon that can intimidate new students. Yoga Born encourages you to find the movement that is best for you.  The family goal at Yoga Born is to be healthy at 100! It may sound far fetched but its a fun perspective towards new discoveries, new ideas and more appreciation for life.

Therapeutic Yoga is slower and focused on your needs and a pace that will be uplifting allowing for health in the whole body with ease.

Bring a friend : Invite Only Complimentary Class Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Mon Nov 4 Yoga 1 6:00pm

Tue Nov 12 Yoga 1 10:00am

Thu Nov 21 Yoga 1 6PM
One time offer for first time visitors when they come with
you they can enjoy a complimentary class.
Plan on taking time each day to align and when you do inspiration as to food, action, motion, exercise, supplementation and all else will fall into perfect alignment!


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1 nancy { 11.06.13 at 7:02 pm }

My thought the other night while meditating during class, was “I feel safe here”. Safe in the respect that I can be in my own head (or not) and no one will judge me. I am me in my little yoga mat space without the worry of others. Nice to be selfish (in a healthy way) for an hour!