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ct-small_outlined_orangeMany people are starting to feel exhausted, unbalanced and don’t know where to turn. Here is an answer that may be just what can help you! The services offered at Yoga Born are ones that have successfully helped yoga time (86)others with daily anxiety, chronic issues and all the aches and pains in between. The studio focus is to be of service to hardworking people with Reiki, Stellar Therapeutic Massage, Yoga Classes, Personal Yoga and more! As South Windsor’s Small Business of the Year Yoga Born is enjoying its fifth year growth.

The Co-Founders Dawn Greenfield and Rob Nolan believe in an authentic rapport with clients and respectfully teaching students at their ability level while celebrating their progress. The Yoga Born style is different by design. We open every day to support lifestyles that include whatever the individuals’ desires are. Each session is specific to your needs therefore each time is uniquely different. A new client offer is available during the summer to allow you access to any and all the classes you can comfortably attend.

Services (1)“There are many perspectives and beliefs about yoga. Whatever image or thought you have about yoga is totally different than what we actually do at Yoga Born. We focus on your everyday issues, skillfully teaching you step-by-step movement. You will build strength, gain a greater sense of balance – flexibility while feeling better and better the more frequently you practice.” Greenfield explains the Yoga Born style is less traditional than a typical yoga studio and is perfect for those that have never done yoga, or tried yoga and didn’t understand what to do.

Yoga Born will introduce you to the world of all things fun about yoga, safe, and in a supportive environment. This season we are inviting the newbies to step into practice! A special for unlimited yoga classes only $40 plus sales tax! If you like what you’ve read here we would love to welcome you to Yoga Born. Call or visit (860) 432-5678 Town Center Plaza 1735 Ellington Rd South Windsor, CT


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