How To Create A Good Feeling Life With Yoga

How To Create A Good Feeling Life With Yoga is Yoga Born’s Focus each day!
Do you want to relieve pain?
Would you like to manage stress better?
Do you wish there were more hours in your day?
Dawn Greenfield inspires students by offering practical techniques making yoga accessible to varying body types. She has a gift to see beyond the reality of your current limiting situation. She blends movement, breathing and re-directing your thoughts to improve your mood.
Dawn educates and teaches that yoga will improve the quality of life when you recognize the importance of scheduling time for yourself without hesitation or guilt. You are meant to feel good and Dawn’s mission is to motivate you to believe.
Greenfield encourages students to find peace and ease on the yoga mat that will travel into daily circumstances with you “Yoga on the Go” ~ does not require previous experience special clothing or props.
All month walk-in for any single class as a First-Time-Visitor and pay $10 cash. (See Class Schedule Here)
Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born Founder in South Windsor, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher and dedicated single mother has walked the path of healing with yoga. After twelves years of personal development she now speaks to groups of all sizes. She has trained and taught over 10,000 hours of varying yoga. Dawn loves making yoga playful for students. Most importantly helping to create a good feeling life for those that spend time and energy on others and now are ready to focus on themselves. “Stretch, Relax, Smile is the Yoga Born Style” Unique offerings : Personalized Programs, Home & Office available by appointment. View Public Classes contact Dawn (860) 432-5678 or


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