How to Live a Good Feeling Life in South Windsor

How to live a good feeling life in South Windsor with Yoga you can visit with Dawn Greenfield. She is the Founder of Yoga Born Studios. She opened Yoga Born for you to learn yoga at a comfortable pace for your changing needs.

Yoga Born in the Stop & Shop Plaza in South Windsor has the most welcoming and motivating class programming for those that are new to yoga or are returing to yoga.

Forget what you think about yoga, what you think about yourself doing yoga and try this out….

You are going to love the good feeling atmosphere Dawn Greenfield has created. She clearly loves what she is doing and it’s working for many of the students that visit. Each day people just like you arrive at Yoga Born feeling tired, tight, low energy and overwhelmed by the day but they leave feeling good! Consistency is the key with anything that is going to maintain and support you to live longer and happier.

Stretch. Relax. Smile!

Open each day just for YOU!

Visit to learn about their offerings. Trial Membership is only $40 to “test drive” the public classes, offered each day!

If you’re unsure that’s totally understandable, Let’s Get Acquainted! 30 minutes of one-on-one with Dawn Greenfield to learn how to live a good-feeling life with yoga!

Regardless of your level of dedication to the practice of yoga we highly recommend you visit Yoga Born and feel the GREAT-VIBES within a positive community of amazing people that will truly inspire you….they’re just like you!


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