Injured doing yoga?

Someone knows someone that has been injured doing yoga, you may even be that someone.


If that’s the case I hope you’ll make some time for a Let’s Get Acquainted 30 Minute Session with me, Dawn Greenfield. Not only am I the Founder of Yoga Born but I’m also a member. I have struggled with injuries and used Therapeutic Yoga to heal my injured and aging body. I live and teach Yoga as a testimonial for the limitless potential.

yoga to heal

yoga to heal


When I read the Sunday news paper USAWeekend article about the young racer Danica Patrick that was injured doing yoga I was compelled to acknowledge, sadly, yes people get injured doing yoga if they are not paying close attention. We can help if you’ve been in a class and felt that you couldn’t keep up or didn’t like it because everyone else knew the moves and you didn’t.


This is a day when if you want to be active and maintain a healthy body-mind Yoga Born has opportunities for you in a positive enviroment. Well teach you Step by step encouraging you to focus on what you’re body is capable of doing at a pace that is enjoyable for you.  If you’ve been injured doing yoga and believe there’s hope and want to explore the possibilities call me today.




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