Kundalini Intro : Attend & Heal

Leesa Sklover, Ph.D., LPC, is a psychotherapist, licensed counselor, certified as a kundalini yoga teacher/yoga therapist, music therapist, composer/singer and relationship


coach. She works with individuals and groups here in South Windsor, Fairfield CT and in an integrative medicine program at New Milford hospital. She has 4 cds and has worked bringing music and healing to the spa and health field over 20 years ago. She worked at Canyon Ranch Spa, Lenox, for 12 years as practitioner and lecturer.

Kundalini means coiled up nad refers to the dormant force which is the souche of all energy.. We are able to access our inner power of our highest potential to bring the union of our higher selves and our  body and mind in balance.. For all levels Kundalini provides kriya, exercise sets for specific parts of the body and mind, meditation and pranayama breathwork.. The sets weave in movement and stillness in an exact science to reach a desired effect.. The process of kundalini yoga is universal and an ancient practice part of the 8 limbs of yoga practice.
The workshop on Sat, Mar 30th 4pm-6pm will touch on the heart and throat chakra to manifest our hearts desire, speak up for what we needs and hear our heart sing with courage. REGISTER HERE


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